William Adcox, MBA
Associate Vice President and Chief Security Officer
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Chief of Police
University of Texas Police – Houston

Chief William H. Adcox is a national leader in threat solutions development and threat safety science. It was his advisory input to the team that allowed them to expand their focus to the top seven causes of death of otherwise healthy people which is now the target of the Med Tac program. Without his mentorship, there would be no Med Tac program as it exists today. His continuous support of the Med Tac team is substantial, and he is a key contributor on national education programs and R&D with healthcare safety leaders.

The Med Tac Law Enforcement program has been pioneered by Chief Adcox at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. The Pete Conrad Global Patient Safety Award recognizes these individual contributions to the Med Tac Program and his leadership service to the team.  With 37 years in municipal and campus policing, he serves as the Chief of Police and CSO at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and The University of Texas Health Science Center. He has hundreds of team members keeping more than 20,000 caregivers, educators, and students safe. Chief Adcox holds an MBA degree from UTEP and is a graduate of the PERF’s Senior Management Institute for Police and the Wharton School ASIS Program for Security Executives. He is the recipient of the IACLEA’s 2013 Award for Administrative Excellence and was named by Security Magazine as one of the “Most Influential People in Security 2013.” The agency received the IHSS Foundation’s prestigious 2015 Lindberg Bell Distinguished Program Award. Nationally, Chief Adcox received the Campus Safety 2015 Director of the Year Award in Healthcare; and locally he received the Texas Police Chiefs Association’s 2015 Leadership Award. He is a founder and health security lead for the Global Emerging Threats Community of Practice launched with major Medical Centers. Chief Adcox is the law enforcement and security lead for the Coronavirus Care Community of Practice for critical infrastructure worker families and families in the general public launched by the Med Tac Global Bystander Rescue program to deal with the Coronavirus crisis.